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So what's the big idea with abcircle?

               I first noticed the ads on TV about a month ago and thought it might be a good idea o give it a try. You see, Iím a 36 year old working mom with a full time career and 4 kids. Between the soccer practices, karate classes, and dance classes, I stay pretty active but Iíve had this tire around my belly area for years that I just canít get rid of. Back in college, I could squeeze in a workout throughout my busy busy day, but now Iíve got responsibility and no time. The other thing is that I seek balance in my life, so after a stressfull day, the last thing I want to do is work out, I need some relaxation time for myself. Time to cool my jets, power down if you will.

            Iíve tried a few different things like: ab-rockets, soloflex, and even an elliptical in my living room. All of these helped a little, but I never got completely fit, nor did I actually get even close to a six pack. I figured it was time for a change, so I decided to check out abcircle

            When I got to abcircle, I noticed that the site was offering a special trial, I think it was a 30-day trial, so I gave it a shot. Even though I wasnít originally planning to purchase (I was going to keep it for 20 days to give it a shot) and I actually PLANNED on returning it. I know this is wrong, donít tell my mom! Ha ha

            About 10 days later I received my purchase from abcircle and got to work. The first day was tough. I used it while watching ďDays of Our LivesĒ just like Iím sure a lot of you other ladies have done. By the way, what a great showÖ I especially used to like it about 10 years ago, but now Iím not as compelled to watch it. Ok, that was completely off topic, sorry. The point is that you can watch any TV show and enjoy a good workout while doing so. As long as youíre not enjoying a bowl of ice cream directly afterwards, am I right or am I right?

            Ok, so I get started and make minor adjustments to my diet as well. By minor adjustments, I really mean it. Instead of ice cream, I ate lowfat yogurt and instead of French fries with a burger, I had greens (salad, spinach, or even celery). Youíd be surprised how easy this is all to do. Oh, and one other thingÖ I substituted ketchup, soy sauce, salt, and Italian dressing with mustard or wasabi. Sounds strange at first, but it really helps. Itís those few extra calories that mean a couple hundred at the end of the day and a thousand or two at the end of the week. The other really important thing about the diet is that you need to eat 5-6 times per day to increase your metabolism. This is an ABSOLUTE MUST! I forget sometimes because itís hard juggling everything thatís going on, but if you donít do it you will slow down your metabolism and gain weight. I think weíve all been in the really bad habit of not eating ANYTHING until noon, then over eating at lunchtime, then not eating again until dinner and (again) over eating. The trick is to pack some light snacks. I like the Special K Health Bars and Nutrigrains, but fruits, vegetables and non-salted nuts all work well.

            The other things to avoid are potatoes and pasta if you want you abcircle package to mean anything. The key is to stay away from carbs and eat more proteins. You need to balance that with the greens. Itís all a balance, ohÖ and WATER! Drink Water! If you donít drink water, ladiesÖ I guarantee you will not shed the pounds.

            Now, my days are like thisÖ I first wake up at about 5:30 am and get the kids (yeah all 4) ready for school. Once they are ready to go and I get them each on the bus, I might spend some time online checking the weather, news, and going to sites like abcircle (shameful plug, I know!) for about a half hour. After all of this itís about 7:30 and Iím getting ready for work. You see, Iím a teacher and I have a fairly flexible schedule. I teach morning Mon-Fri, so itís pretty nice actually. I get home around 1pm every day and the first thing I do is to turn on my soaps and by 2pm when Dayís of Our Lives is on, Iím ready for my workout with abcircle. I do this every day Mon-Fri, then on Saturdayís I have a kickboxing class. Over the past 3 months, Iíve finally gotten rid of the tire and finally have a six pack.